The Github Experiment Is Over

I decided to try and use Github to post my stamp pages and to allow Github’s version control to let me roll back and roll forward changes to my pages.

Well, what’s good for the developer is not so good for the Scribus user. Using Github, though geeky cool is a tad too much work.

Going forward it’s all going to be on a shared folder on Google Drive.

Something new: IRELAND!

So, I’ve decided to start collecting Ireland.  I made pages for the 2011 Ireland pages.  He’re a sample to look at:

Ireland 2011 - Nimbus Sans L-page002If you want to download the 2011 pages, they are all in one Zip file, containing the PDF, the Scribus file, needed fonts, and images.

You can get the file here:  Ireland 2011

I’ll be making these pages as I buy Irish stamps.