Mystic Heirloom Page 739 Hack!

Mystic sells a reasonably priced stamp album, for the same reason Amazon sells reasonably priced Kindles: to get you to buy more stuff from them.

When Mystic takes a sheet of se-tenants and breaks them up, they do not guarantee you will get se-tenants in Scott order number, an often times will sell se-tenants as strips rather than blocks of four, because this maximizes the number of se-tenants you can get out of a sheet of stamps. This makes good business sense.

When it came to Page 739, the Christmas booklet presented a real challenge. There are 4 different stamps, but the four stamps are not contiguous either as a horizontal strip or a block of 4. The only way to really get a strip of four, is to hop over the fold and get the fourth stamp. That wastes two columns of stamps. Here is what the booklet looks like:


As you can see, there’s a lot of wasted stamps, and the “se-tenant” really isn’t a se-tenant, with you getting the fold in there. So, Mystic chose to sell these stamps as individual stamps, and made sure page 739 could accommodate how they sell the stamps.

Well, I wanted a strip of 4, with the fold in it, so I hacked the page to accomodate this.

Here’s what I did:



If you like it, feel free to grab the pages from my Google Drive

Mystic Heirloom Page 841 – Need Help!

Seems my Heiloom album is missing page 841. I called Mystic and they’re mailing me a new page 841. But it’s going to take “8-10 business days” to get to me.

If anyone has a scanner, if you could scan the page, front and back and get it to me, it would be much appreciated. That way I can at least start hacking pages now.

If you can’t scan, even a cell phone pic so I can read the text would be helpful.

The Github Experiment Is Over

I decided to try and use Github to post my stamp pages and to allow Github’s version control to let me roll back and roll forward changes to my pages.

Well, what’s good for the developer is not so good for the Scribus user. Using Github, though geeky cool is a tad too much work.

Going forward it’s all going to be on a shared folder on Google Drive.

Mystic Heirloom Page 779 Hack Revisited

It has always kind of bothered me that a lot of stamp albums make you collect souvenir sheets from stamp expos in the 30s and 40s as a whole sheet (rather than just the imperf), but for more modern souvenir sheets, they expect you to collect just the stamps.

Mystic’s page 779 has the stamps from the Pacific 97 Souvenir Sheet as individual stamps. I previously hacked the page to keep the two triangle stamps together as a se-tenant. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted the whole sheet, with the selvage showing Pacific 97 and the date it was held.

So, I went a little nuts this afternoon. I made a page 779a and 780a, which had the whole Pacific 97 sheet. Page 779b and 780b contains the other 3 stamps that were page 779 originally.

Once I finished this, I realized I need to modify pages 777-778 so that the right description was facing 779. So this hack revisits the hack for pages 777 and 779, providing a total of 3 pages.

If you’re just going to keep the se-tenant pair of 3130-3131, then use my previous hacks for pages 777 and 779 to keep all se-tenants together.

If you agree with me and want the whole Pacific 97 sheet intact, then use this hack.

Right now, I only have a PDF, because the links to the stamp images are a mess. Soon as I get those cleaned up, I’ll post the Scribus files.

Here’s what I did to split page 779:

And here is the PDF with border. I’ll work on pages for Mystic paper and Scribus files over the next few days.

Download here