At Last! Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2017 Stamp Album Supplement Released!

This supplement presented quite a few challenges and my time was limited. Here are some quick highlights:

  • There were 2 imperforate stamps issued by UKRPOSHTA: The 8th Definitive Series Miniature Sheet and the Christmas Stamp. The imperfs are on their own sheet, so you can simply remove them if you choose not to collect them.
  • The 9th Definitive Series made it debut in 2017, with 3 different microprint varieties.
  • The Europa booklet was a pain. I give you 3 different ways to mount it. You decide.

Here’s a picture of the first page to whet the appetite:

Click here to get to the files

Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2016 Supplement Reissue

My fellow UPNS member Stepan Moskal is keeping me on my toes. It seems the second “Self-Stamp” issued by UKRPOSHTA is brown on color. And the description says it’s blue in color.

Here is the offending page:


I’ve removed the files from Github and placed them on my Google Drive share where all the other supplements are moving slowly.

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NOTE: These files were created in Scribus 1.5.4. You will need to download the dev version of you want to edit the original files.

Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2001 Supplement Re-Release

What’s new

  1. Added MICHEL Catalog number
  2. Added date of release
  3. Added 3 Definitive stamps that were missed in the last release
  4. Moved things into Michel catalog number order, as best I could
  5. Fixed some minor typos I didn’t catch the last time around
  6. Improved descriptions on definitive stamps

Here is a screenshot of one of the pages:

The 7-zzip file with everything you need can be found on my Google Drive.