The Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2013 Supplement is Available!

OK, first off, the stamp mount guide is not complete. That will be finished one day. The reason why I did not finish it is because I cheaped out and used a Hawid Glue Pen and the mounts I had on hand to cut mounts for a lot of the miniature sheets.

Also, as mentioned in the previous post, I have made “inksaver” pages. These pages contain NO stamp images.

And here are the files!





And if you want the Scribus files, so you can edit them, here you go:

Ukraine 2013

And the obligatory scree shot:


Tryzub 2013 Supplement almost ready…

I’m just test fitting some stamps and having my wife proofread the text. Hopefully there will be a release this weekend.

I’m also going to make an “ink-saver” supplement with no stamp images on the pages for 2013. You can download the pages with the images to indentify the stamps and then print the “ink-saver” pages to mount the stamps. We’ll see everyone reacts to these pages.

I’ll get back to everyone this weekend.

Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2012 Supplement Re-Issue

So, I liked what I did with the 2013 Europa booklet so much, I decided to add it to the other supplements, as I acquire booklets.  So, I’m re-issuing 2012.  The only thing new is the 3 extra Europa booklet options.  Here are some screen shots of your Europa booklet options:


Ukraine-2012-A4-page020Ukraine-2012-A4-page021Ukraine-2012-A4-page022And the files:

US Letter PDF:  Ukraine-2012-US-Letter

A4 PDF:  Ukraine-2012-A4

Editable Scribus Files:  Ukraine 2012


Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2013 Europa Booklet Stamp Album Pages

Stamp album PAGES?  For one booklet?  What’s up with that, you may ask.

Well, in a commercial album, you’d be forced to collect the stamps the way the person that made the stamp album expects you to collect them.

I decided to give you the choice of how to mount the album.

When I first made my album, I didn’t have any of the Europa booklets, and I assumed I would just take the stamp out and mount it.  Then I got the 2012 and 2013 Europa booklets and decided I wanted to preserve the booklet and mount it.  So, I made a page for that.  Then I tried a few other ideas out.

This supplement contains 4 different possible ways to mount the Europa 2013 booklet.

The first one is just the stamp:

Ukraine-2013-US-Letter-Europa Booklet-page003Then I decided to preserve the booklet.  But I thought it would be cool to see the front and back.  With modern scanners and desktop publishing, I scanned the back and placed a picture of it above the front.  That way, you can see both sides without needing to buy two booklets:

Ukraine-2013-US-Letter-Europa Booklet-page004Then I figured there would be purists out there that wanted two booklets and would mount them front and back:

Ukraine-2013-US-Letter-Europa Booklet-page005And finally there will be people that just want to mount the booklet open to see the stamp, but didn’t want to see the outside:

Ukraine-2013-US-Letter-Europa Booklet-page006


So, those are your 4 choices.


US Letter PDF:  Ukraine-2013-US-Letter-Europa Booklet

A4 PDF:  Ukraine-2013-A4-Europa Booklet

Scribus files you can edit yourself:  ukraine-2013-europa-booklet





Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2013 Supplement Part 1

I got my first shipment of 2013 Ukrainian stamps.  Because of this, I decided to release part 1 of the 2013 supplement, so people could mount any 2013 stamps they bought.

Here are the files:

US Letter PDF:  Ukraine-2013-US-Letter

A4 PDF:  Ukraine-2013-A4

ZIP file with Scribus files and images:  Ukraine 2013

And a screenshot of Page 1:



Page 2 of the supplement contains a stamp mount size guide!

Need a high resolution scan of the outside of the 2013 Ukraine Europa booklet.

Got one more page I need to do before Part 1 of 2013 comes out, and I need a nice high resolution (300 dpi or better PNG) scan of the outside of the Europa booklet Ukraine issued in 2013. Similar to this low res image:



I have the booklet on order form ukrposhta, and they botched the order.  Working on cleaning that up.