Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album Updates 1992-1997

I had said in a previous post that I was going to be adding MICHEL catalog numbers to older stamp pages.  Well, I decided, if I am going to redo it., I’m going to redo it right.  So, the new pages have Catalog numbers AND date of issue on them.  The difference between the new old pages aren’t that great, so you should be able to just use new pages going forward without having to remount everything, unless you want the extra information.

A typical stamp with title, date, catalog number and description will look like this:

stamp listing

A completed page looks like this;

Ukraine-1995-US Letter-page005

The stamps are also on the pages in release order, to the best of my ability.

So, far I have completed 1992-1997.  I was going to try and get all of the 20th century done before I released them, but with the holidays coming up, my time is going to be limited.  So, I figured it’s better to release what I have.  So, here goes:

Ukraine 1992:  Ukraine 1992

Ukraine 1993: Ukraine 1993

Ukraine 1994: Ukraine 1994

Ukraine 1995: Ukraine 1995

Ukraine 1996: Ukraine 1996

Ukraine 1997: Ukraine 1997

Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2013 Supplement Re-release

I learned last week that the 2013 Ukrainian Stamp Album was missing stamps.  The Pectoral Miniature Sheet was available as an imperf sheet for the XIV National Philatelic Exhibition in Kyiv, Ukraine.  So, I decided to re-release the supplement with an additional page.

While I was at it, I added the MICHEL catalog numbers to the pages.  Having access to real catalog numbers on pages is a huge win for me.  And if you’re wondering why I chose MICHEL, here’s why:

  1. UKRPOSHTA used to use MICHEL numbers on their site before they came up with their own numbering system.
  2. Almost every Russian stamp I see listed has a Scott number listed with a MICHEL number, so there is a good bet that MICHEL numbers are used for Eastern European stamps.
  3. MICHEL, unlike Scott Publishing, granted me a license to use their catalog numbers.

I’m also making ONE file available with everything in it.  And it’s a .7z archive.  You will need to use 7-zip to open the file and decompress it.

Why did I choose 7-zip?  When I made the ZIP file, it was 78 MB.  The 7z file was only 47 MB.  That’s a pretty big difference in size!  Plus, 7-zip is completely free.

To learn more about 7-zip, click on the link in the top menu labeled “About 7-Zip.”

And here’s a screenshot of the page with the MICHEL catalog numbers:

sampleAnd here’s the .7z file with US-Letter PDF, A4 PDF and Scribus files:  Ukraine 2013

Some changes to the Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album

OK, I’m going to be making some changes to the Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album:

  1. There will ONE download per stamp album year.  It will be a zip file containing the US Letter PDF, A4 PDF, inksaver PDFs (no stamp images), and the scribus source and images for that year.
  2. Stamp pages will now contain MICHEL catalog numbers on them.  I have been granted a license to use these numbers by the publisher.
  3. Each supplement will include the required MICHEL disclaimer on a seperate page.  I recommend you print ONE copy of this and place it in the front of your album somewhere to remind you (and let anyone else know) what numbering system is being used on the pages.

I am slowly going to work my way back and add MICHEL numbers to the older supplements, but it is not going to be quick, or easy.  But everything going forward as of today will have MICHEL numbers in it.

Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 1997 Supplement Update

Well, it looks like I forgot to add some stamps to the 1997 supplement.  The folk art miniature sheet, turns out, is not alone.  The stamps were each available as individual stamps as well as the miniature sheet.  The miniature sheet stamps lack the color border of the regular stamps and are perforated 11 1/2.

While I was in there, I also updated the description on the medal of honor stamps to give it more detail.

Pages 4 and 6 were changed.  Here are some screen shots:

Ukraine-1997-US Letter-page004


Ukraine-1997-US Letter-page006


And now the files:

US Letter PDF:  Ukraine-1997-US Letter

A4 PDF:  Ukraine-1997-A4

Scribus file:  Ukraine-1997


The Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2013 Supplement is Available!

OK, first off, the stamp mount guide is not complete. That will be finished one day. The reason why I did not finish it is because I cheaped out and used a Hawid Glue Pen and the mounts I had on hand to cut mounts for a lot of the miniature sheets.

Also, as mentioned in the previous post, I have made “inksaver” pages. These pages contain NO stamp images.

And here are the files!





And if you want the Scribus files, so you can edit them, here you go:

Ukraine 2013

And the obligatory scree shot:


Tryzub 2013 Supplement almost ready…

I’m just test fitting some stamps and having my wife proofread the text. Hopefully there will be a release this weekend.

I’m also going to make an “ink-saver” supplement with no stamp images on the pages for 2013. You can download the pages with the images to indentify the stamps and then print the “ink-saver” pages to mount the stamps. We’ll see everyone reacts to these pages.

I’ll get back to everyone this weekend.

Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2012 Supplement Re-Issue

So, I liked what I did with the 2013 Europa booklet so much, I decided to add it to the other supplements, as I acquire booklets.  So, I’m re-issuing 2012.  The only thing new is the 3 extra Europa booklet options.  Here are some screen shots of your Europa booklet options:


Ukraine-2012-A4-page020Ukraine-2012-A4-page021Ukraine-2012-A4-page022And the files:

US Letter PDF:  Ukraine-2012-US-Letter

A4 PDF:  Ukraine-2012-A4

Editable Scribus Files:  Ukraine 2012