The Github Experiment Is Over

I decided to try and use Github to post my stamp pages and to allow Github’s version control to let me roll back and roll forward changes to my pages.

Well, what’s good for the developer is not so good for the Scribus user. Using Github, though geeky cool is a tad too much work.

Going forward it’s all going to be on a shared folder on Google Drive.

Ukrainian Binders

The colors of Ukraine are blue and yellow, as can be seen in their flag.

I’m a big fan of differentiating countries in binders based on color. My Ukrainian stamps are in yellow binders. Ireland is in green and The US is in blue.

I’m using the Staples Better Binder for my Ukraine collection, and I love the way you label the spine. Here’s what I did for Ukraine:

Ukraine Binders

Ukraine Binders

I like the way it looks. If anyone wants the Scribus and PDF file for the binder spine, let me know.

Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2015 Supplement version 1.2

Fellow UPNS member Stepan Moskal was kind enough to point out that I screwed up 4 stamps in this album by having incorrect release date on the pages.  The four stamps in question are:

Michel 1471 – Correct release date is May 8, 2015
Michel 1514 – Correct release date is November November 6, 2015
Michel 1523 – Correct release date is December 2, 2015
Michel 1522 – Correct release date is November 24, 2015

You can download release 1.2 from Github here:

Thank you Stepan for catching these errors!

Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2015 Supplement re-release!

So, it’e been about 3 months and NOBODY noticed that Michel 1525, the Wooden Churches stamp was just COMPLETELY MISSING?

Well, good thing I did!  That’s the only change to this release.  One stamp I missed.

You can download the pages from Github here:

If you want to see the full version history, also known as the wall of shame, you can see that here:

And here is the corrected page, if anyone wants to see it: