Mystic Heirloom Page 739 Hack!

Mystic sells a reasonably priced stamp album, for the same reason Amazon sells reasonably priced Kindles: to get you to buy more stuff from them.

When Mystic takes a sheet of se-tenants and breaks them up, they do not guarantee you will get se-tenants in Scott order number, an often times will sell se-tenants as strips rather than blocks of four, because this maximizes the number of se-tenants you can get out of a sheet of stamps. This makes good business sense.

When it came to Page 739, the Christmas booklet presented a real challenge. There are 4 different stamps, but the four stamps are not contiguous either as a horizontal strip or a block of 4. The only way to really get a strip of four, is to hop over the fold and get the fourth stamp. That wastes two columns of stamps. Here is what the booklet looks like:


As you can see, there’s a lot of wasted stamps, and the “se-tenant” really isn’t a se-tenant, with you getting the fold in there. So, Mystic chose to sell these stamps as individual stamps, and made sure page 739 could accommodate how they sell the stamps.

Well, I wanted a strip of 4, with the fold in it, so I hacked the page to accomodate this.

Here’s what I did:



If you like it, feel free to grab the pages from my Google Drive

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