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Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2011 supplement available!

To prove that I have no life, I present to you the Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2011 supplement.

US Letter and A4 sizes are available

I reserve the right to edit page 5.  It has the RCC triangle, which I don’t own yet.  So I got the dimensions from, made a triangle in Scribus, printed it out, cut it out, and put it in a mount.  The original stamps should be the exact same size, but you never know.

This supplement is 15 pages long.  And here are the files:

US Letter PDF:  Ukraine-2011

A4-PDF:  Ukraine-2011-A4

Scribus files and images you can edit yourself:  Ukraine-2011

Random Page:


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Andrea in Great Britain says an attached pair, the width is 68mm and the depth is 62mm. So you can do the math.


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