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Tryzub 2007 Ukrainian Stamp Album Redesign Available…

Ok, I finished the cleanup of 2007.  I ended up making a few small changes:

  1. Page 6 – I put the Locomotive descriptions to the left of the stamps to balance out the stamp above it with the description on the right.  Purely cosmetic.  You can keep using your old page if you like it.
  2. Page 8 – Changed stamp caption to read “Wedding Headdress” instead of “Traditional Headdress,” so it matches the page previous to it that contains the description.
  3. Page 10 – Changed the size of the box so that the Pelican Miniature Sheet fits inside of it properly
  4. Page 14 – Added the se-tenant pairs for the traditional costumes.
  5. Page 15 – Changed the description for the traditional costumes sheet so it’s not  a duplicate of the description for the se-tenants.

A note about Page 10:  When I changed the size of the stamp box to fit the pelican sheet properly, it bled over into the border and header.  I made the decision to turn around and simply blank the page out, since I thought that having it bleed into the border was rather ugly.  On the A4 page size, I didn’t have that problem and left the header and border up.

And here are the files:

US-Letter PDF:  Ukraine-2007-US Letter

A4 PDF:  Ukraine-2007-A4

Scribus file with images you can edit yourself:  Ukraine-2007

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