The Mystic Heirloom Page 1268 Hack

And we continue to clean up the Mystic 2011 Supplement.  Page 1268 modified to keep the Lady Liberty and US Flag together.

If you have Mystic Paper, grab it from here:

If you have your own paper, grab this file:

2 thoughts on “The Mystic Heirloom Page 1268 Hack

  1. Hello, sorry I know this is old hack and if this has been mentioned before. Should this page be titled with “Regular Issues”?
    I enjoy your hack pages very much.
    Thanks… V

    • It should be. I stopped hacking pages after 2000, because they were way too much work. It was easier to design my own pages. but if you need this page, I can fix it for you. Let me know.

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