Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

Mystic Heirloom Page 131 Hack

User ILS on pointed out that page 131 of the Mystic Heirloom Album contains a place to mount Scott 613, the Warren Harding stamp, of which only 40 or so known copies exist.  Your chance of getting this stamp as an average collector are pretty slim.  Heck, they’re pretty slim if you’re an advanced collector with a good stamp budget.  The last auction, a used copy sold for around $32,000!

So, you have 4 options:

  1. Stare at the empty box on your stamp page forever
  2. Wait patiently for 613 to come up for auction somewhere and take a second mortgage out on the house.
  3. Modify the page to remove 613 completely
  4. Put a picture of 613 in the box where 613 will go.

Well, I decided to give you options 3 and 4

This hack contains two double sided pages.  First page has 131 with stamp 613 completely removed.

The second page has a picture of a used 613 in a stamp mount right where you would mount the stamp.  Pick whichever you like.

And the files:

If you’re using your own paper, grab this PDF:  Page 131 Hack

If you’re using Mystic’s paper, grab this PDF:  Page 131 Hack-Mystic Paper

If you want to hack the page some more, then grab this ZIP file:  Page 131 Hack

Here’s a screen shot of the page with 613 removed:

Page 131 Hack-harding-page001 Page 131 with Harding picture added:

Page 131 Hack-harding-page003

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