How things look going forward

I looked at 2005 and 2006. In order to hack 2005, I would need to modify 7 pages. And 2006 will require 8 pages. I stopped looking after that. So I think hacking the 21 century is just unsustainable. Hacking a page here or there is not that big a deal. But hacking more than half a supplement is treading dangerously close to some kind of copyright violation.

So, what are my options for Mystic?

I could make my own pages with my own descriptions, in the style of Mystic. I don’t like that option, because I find myself being put in a position where one day I will get a cease and desist letter.

I could leave everyone hanging and just only do Ukraine.

Or I could resurrect an old project.

This is what I will do short term and long term. Short term, I will mount all my 21st century stamps in a Scott Minuteman album. The Minuteman is 90% of what I want, layout-wise. The only issue I have with it is how thin the paper is.

I plan to resume work on the Community US stamp album. I really like what I did there. That is going to be my ultimate solution for 21st century stamps. I don’t know how fast I can turn stuff around. The most annoying thing with designing these pages is the descriptions, and getting all the major Scott catalog numbers of all these definitives with assorted microprint varieties listed. Sadly, the Scott catalog is of little help here.

I had 2003 partially done a while ago. Hopefully, I can get it done in a few weeks.

The other challenge I face is a lack of stamps. 21st century stamps are expensive. You can usually get MOST stamps ok, because they’re a standard size. But there’s always some sheet or se-tenant that’s a goofball size that I need to buy. That slows down work. But, we’ll see how it goes. Conveniently my son works at a stamp collecting store, so I can send an email to the owner and my son comes home with and stamps or mounts that I need.

Well, that’s it for now. Happy 2021 everyone. Hope this year is better than 2020. Stay safe!


I Can’t Believe I Haven’t Posted Anything Since May 2019!

Well, it’s been a while. With the world is isolation, now seems like a good time to catch up on things like the LONG OVERDUE 2019 Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album supplement.

First I need to order stamps from the second half of 2019. But I would think most of them will be standard size. And those that aren’t, I can look up the size and cut blanks from paper.

In the current environment, I don’t know how long it will take stamps to get here.

Everyone stay safe.


Proof of Life…

Slowly getting there


My 2018 Ukrainian Stamps Finally Arrived from UKRPOSHTA

I guess it’s time to start hacking together my 2018 supplement. Stay tuned.

Community US Stamp Album Pages Uncategorized

Is anyone using the Community 21st Century US Stamp Album Supplement?

I originally did the Community US Stamp album supplement, because hacking Mystic past 2000 was looking to turn into a major undertaking. With the sheer volume of the se-tenants and miniature sheets that USPS produced in the 2000s and 2010s, it would have required hacking a LOT of pages, as many as 50% of pages per supplement. So, I thought it would be a lot easier to make my own pages.

But now I am looking at making 19 years of pages. That’s a whole lot of work to do, especially when trying to crank out a stamp album with page descriptions. The description are blatantly stolen from the US Postal Bulletin. But it is very time consuming to turn around and cut and paste descriptions from the US Postal Bulletin into a spreadsheet.

I get like 90% of what I need from the Scott Minuteman Album. It has descriptions for all commemorative stamps, and se-tenants are almost always displayed the way I intend to collect them. The only thing I don’t like is how thin the paper is.

But I think I can get past that.

If there is anyone besides me that thought that this album was a good idea, and is willing to dedicate some time into helping me cut and paste descriptions into an online spreadsheet, I’d be happy to continue the work. If no one is using the supplement, then I see no real point in continuing the make pages for this supplement.


Life Has Been Busy

It’s been a busy 2018. I’ve actually not hacked together any stamp pages, because I have been busy mounting stamps! I consider this a good thing.

I need to finish updating Ukraine pages, so they all contain MICHEL catalog numbers. I have a few vacation days coming up. Hopefully I can blast through that and move on to other things.

I’d love to get another Community Stamp Album supplement out the door.

As far as I know, there are no more 20th Century Mystic pages that need to be hacked, so that part of page hacking is done. If I missed any pages, please let me know.


Is there any interest in dynamic catalog numbers?

I may have found a way to read catalog numbers in from an external CSV file, allowing you to insert the catalog numbers of your choice into the stamp pages. This would take a rework of all the pages to make it work. But once done, you’d be able to use Scott, SG, MICHEL, UKRPOSHTA or any numbering system you want. You’d need to use Scribus and a third party tool to do it.


Just ordered my 2017 stamps from Ukraine

Price was a tad more than I expected. I may use a Ukrainian eBay seller next time. It used to cost me around $25 for a year set with shipping. This year I paid $40 and I did not get all the microprint varieties of the definitives or the booklet. There’s one eBay seller that had the whole year, including booklets and all microprint varieties for $45.00 + $7.00 shipping. Overall, a better deal.

Stamps should be here in 2 weeks. In the mean time, I am working on the pages now. Just need the stamps to put in mounts and test fit before I release them.



So, it’s important to make sure you match fonts for the pages you’re hacking.  Mystic pages use the fonts Helvetica and Times.  Despite what people think, Arial is NOT a substitute for Helvetica and Times New Roman is not a substitute for Times.

If you don’t have access to either of these fonts and need something compatible, you can use the following two fonts:

For Helvetica, the font Nimbus Sans L is glyph compatible with Helvetica and the 4 standard styles (Normal, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic) and available under and open source license.

For Times, Nimbus Roman No 9 L is glyph compatible with Times and the 4 standard styles (Roman, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic) are also available under an open source license.

Two fonts to consider when you absolutely have to have Times or Helvetica.


I’m still here….

Just to let people know, I’m still here. Just very busy with Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts, an upcoming business trip to Canada, and an 11 year old’s birthday party.

I have all the 2013 Ukrainian stamps. Just need to find the time to finish the supplement.

Hang tight everyone.