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Nice border if you’re making custom pages…

I came upon this border on a free vector graphics site and turned into a full page border.  Thought someone might find it useful.

And here is a scalable svg of the above graphic for your use.  You’ll need 7-zip to extract it: border

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I love your album pages. Do you know if your files are editable by other applications (i.e., Adobe InDesign or MS Publisher)? Thanks for your tips – elsewhere in this blog – on fonts. I would respond to your posts on SCF but, for reasons unknown, I have been unable to log in for the last two days and have gotten no response from help requests to the moderators/admins.

… Cal (Cal516 on SCF)

I don’t think they are. I use Scribus, which is a free, open-source Desktop Publishing Program. You can download it and install it. It’s not as feature complete as Adobe InDesign, but it’ll get the job done, and it’s free.

InDesign might open the PDFs, but I don’t know how easy it would be to edit them. MS Publisher I don’t use, because it’s a Windows only product. I use Macs and Linux at home and Windows machines at work. Scribus is available for all three, so I can tinker with my my files where I am at work at lunch and work on them at home on the Mac mini OR my Ubuntu laptop.

Thanks for the quick reply. Left a reply for you at Stamp Boards on the same subject so no need to reply twice. I really enjoy tinkering on the PC so these two hobbies are merging nicely.

Hi. Use Mac. I found a converter. PDF Converter. Takes PDFs and converts to a Word file. Problem is I hate word. It is just not user friendly. Been doing some desktop stuff in Apple’s Pages. But even that is frustrating. So between what you have done and what I muscle through with Word/Pages/and Adobe InDesign, I’ve made some more break apart pages for the Mystic Album. Broke their volume II into two at the 1997/98 point. Sent off for two more Mystic binders.

Downloaded it, but still find that confusing. I used to be a big user of “Ready, Set, Go!” But the publisher will not be making a newer version for Mac OSX. I used RSG for years and years and now the Diwan company won’t update it.
Don’t really want to pay $45 for a Scribus manual and the online manual is difficult to use. Whine, whine, whine.

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