Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

Introducing the Mystic Heirloom 2019 Supplement Retrofit Kit (beta)

I ordered the 2019 Mystic Heirloom Supplement and saw that I only needed to hack 4 pages, and of those 4, two were really optional. So, I had some fun the last few days. Here’s what we have:

  1. Page 1544 – Cactus Flowers. I modified the page to allow you to mount the whole booklet.
  2. Page 1548 – Corals. Both corals are now horizontal strips
  3. Page 1562 – Military Working Dogs. The dogs stay connected
  4. Page 1568 – Spooky Silhouettes. The stamps are a block of 4 now instead of a strip.

Here are some screenshots of the pages:

All files can be downloaded from my Google Drive. The file name for this one is the 2019 Retrofit Kit. These files are considered “beta” because I don’t have all the stamps yet. Please test fit stamps and let me know if the box sizes are OK.

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