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Introducing the Community US Stamp Album 2006 Supplement

Changes Going Forward

This took longer than I wanted it to, but it’s finally done. This supplement has some changes in it, but this is the “final form” of the Community US Stamp album. All future supplements will use this layout. All previous supplements will be retrofitted and re-released when I find time.

First, I am no longer breaking up stamps into commemorative, definite, special and airmail stamps. Everything just goes in release order for the year.

Second, each stamp box has a smaller 20% gray box in it. This SHOULD BE the size of the mount. It’s there to help you center the stamp mount. 20% grey is light enough that it’s not noticeable if it sticks out from under the mount.

Third, for stamps with multiple Scott major numbers for the same design, the text explaining what’s different about each stamp will be above the stamp image and below the date.

I take all release dates from the US Postal Bulletin. If the Scott Catalog and the US Postal Bulletin are in conflict, I will always go for the US Postal Bulletin.

A Specific Note About This Supplement

2006 saw the release of the Wonders of America 40 stamp se-tenant sheet. One of my cardinal rules is to NEVER break up se-tenants. So, the page for this stamp has a 300 DPI image of the sheet, along with the name, date and description. The bottom of the page has a PDF form box that lets you type in the location of where the sheet is stored. For example, for my sheet, I typed in Full Sheet Album, Page 8.

Scott Numbers

Nothing has changed regarding Scott Numbers. I don’t have a license from Amos to use them, because they won’t grant me one. The entire supplement has Scott numbers in it, but before I release them, I make the Scott numbers white and then generate the PDF. If you want to use Scott numbers, you’ll need to learn a little Scribus and undo what I did.

And finally, here is a screenshot of the first page:

As usual, all files are on my Google Drive, which you can find here:

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