Accelerating the Removal of WordPress

My site is using an unusually high amount of resources, and my hosting provider wants to charge a lot more for my hosting now.

I don’t think this is because Ukrainian stamp collecting has suddenly become insanely popular. It’s because bots are trying to attack the site since it’s WordPress.

I have several options available, but they all cost more than I am willing to pay. So, the best course of action is to abandon WordPress. In the future, you will see a completely new website. I just need to work out the details on how people can sign up to get updates to the site.

WordPress has been a great platform, but it has a pretty big attack surface. There are some great tools now that let you maintain static websites easily. I think that’s the way to go.

Stay tuned for updates.

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I have Wordfence installed and it’s not helping. Cloudflare costs more than I am willing to pay. I’m doing a volunteer effort here. It this is going to cost more than $100 a year to host, it becomes too expensive.

Where are these Bots coming from? Has your Host offered any solutions – other than spending more money?
I get the expense thing. I have a few sites (completely ad supported) and I was having resource issues awhile back. My host suggested a Free version of Cloudflare that drastically helped.
To me, completely scrapping WordPress is a bit drastic – mainly because there are ways to fix the problem.
But I am curious to here what alternatives you’re considering.

I have been thinking about dumping WordPress for a while. I want to move the site to Hugo ( This allows me to edit the site locally using Markdown. Then the site generates static HTML and you upload it to site.

If I want to maintain comments for the posts, there is a Disqus plugin.

Email updates would need to be done manually.

WordPress is convenient, but it’s more than is needed for a simple stamp collecting site like this. I geeky enough not to need the GUI front to edit the site.

I turned off the Jetpack plugin to see if that helps with bandwidth utilization. The site was phoning home to a LOT throughout the day.

Every day for the last 3 weeks, possibly longer, my site has hit its CPU, memory and I/O quota pretty early in the day. The last time that happened, Russian hackers were hammering the site.

I can’t tell from the logs what’s really going on this time.

Thanks! It’s kind of interesting. Using Hugo kinda feels like going back to the 90s, because you’re designing the site offline and then copying it to your hosting provider. But at the same time, it’s 2021. Hugo lets me create a site completely in Markdown. Using themes, templates, and snippets, I can quickly generate a site that’s almost 100% HTML. There’s no php involved. There’s no database involved. I don’t have a way to log into the site. My attack surface goes down a lot. And if I want discussions on my post, they have a Disqus plugin.

I feel like it will be an win overall, considering what my site is for, and the number of people that access it monthly.

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