Breathing a Sigh of Relief

I got resource utilization down to reasonable levels for my hosting provider. So, the pressure is off to get the site moved off WordPress ASAP.

I still want to do it, but now I can take the time to do it properly and not rush to do it and do a half-baked job.

For the curious, if appears the Jetpack plugin for WordPress was one of the culprits.

I did the following things:

  1. I blocked a bunch of questionable bots using the Wordfence firewall.
  2. I switched from webcron to cron for WordPress.

Both of those things helped a little, but didn’t help enough to get to me to where I needed to be.

When I checked my logs I saw a LOT of calls back to So, on a whim, I disabled Jetpack. And within 15 minutes, I was no longer maxing out my CPU allotment. But I was still over my php script limit for the day. Another day, and everything seemed to be back to normal.

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