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The Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2021 Supplement!

With the help of the chief proofreader (my wife), I have finished the 2021 Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album Supplement.

Here is a screen shot

This year, I have included something new: a stamp mount and cutting guide. It’s included as a LibreOffice Sheets file and a PDF. It shows the stamp name, the MICHEL number, the mount needed and length to cut it to.

The 2021 Europa stamps again came as a booklet and individual stamps. The booklet page assumes you’re going to open to booklet and lay it flat.

Due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, every Ukrainian seller on eBay has closed their shop. In the past, there were some sellers from the Russian Federation selling Ukrainian stamps. Check your country’s sanctions against Russia before you buy from Russian sellers. You don’t want to spend a lot of money only to have your order not allowed through customs.

Good luck getting Ukrainian stamps.

As usual, everything is on my Google Drive:

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I have a couple of stragglers from prior years I’m trying to find… its going to be tough. The only guy who had some was in Crimea, and people in the US could not buy from there since the invasion. Oh well. I will continue to search! I ordered 2021 for my mom back in January and she received the stamps already, I’ll see if she has all of them when I visit her in a few weeks. I will miss the beautiful Ukrainian stamps. The USPS has stepped up their game but… these stamps are truly works of art!
слава україні !

Hi! Thank you for making these pages available to all of us who love stamps, but don’t quite get software…. :)) I followed the link you provided, and the stamp album pages end in 2015. Do you have an updated link that includes the last several years? I would greatly appreciate it. Diakuyu!

Oksana, this was totally my fault. Some of the names had “Ukraine-yyyy.7z.” Others had “Ukraine_yyyy.7z.” And still others had “Ukraine yyyy.7z.” So they were not showing up in proper numerical order. I renamed them all to use the same pattern. Tell me if you see all the pages now.


Thank you for renaming them. I see them all now. Sorry about not replying sooner…. time spent reading through every news story on the war in Ukraine takes away from more pleasurable pursuits…. Slava Ukraini!

I completely understand. All my family is in Halychyna, so pretty safe. But I’m still checking CNN to see what’s happening. I don’t believe for one minute that Putin is giving up. Now that he sees that Kyiv is unatainable, he’ll refocus on something else. This won’t end until he’s dead or deposed.

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