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Russian Warship, Go F*** Yourself! Stamp

There seems to be a lot of interest in this stamp, for obvious reasons.

If people want me to make sheets of just the F and W stamps with and without the Moskva, I need some help.

Please place the stamps in a mount and give me the exact measurements of the mount and I can put a sheet together.

For the stamps without the Moskva, I would want the stamp with the label still attached.

I can do pages for full sheets also, if you stick the full sheets in a mount and measure the mount.

I don’t have these stamps and there are a LOT of forgeries. From what I gather, these stamps were ONLY available gummed and perforated. So, if you have self-adhesive stamps, you have fakes. I am trying to get more details on this. There are a few websites that talk about forgeries, but don’t tell you what to look out for.

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W stamps in mount 116 mm w x 126mm
F stamp sheet 159 mm w x 88 mm
I only bought the sheets direct from Ukraine.

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