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Ukraine 2022 is a Bit of a Mess

I got my 2022 stamps in from BeeUkrainian on eBay. I put most of them in mounts this evening and tried to write down stamp names and MICHEL numbers.

And, the mess begins…

  1. Ukraine withdrew all stamps for sale that had a V or Z on it due to the war.
  2. There are stamps that were supposed to come out in February, and never got released, for obvious reasons.
  3. MICHEL still has not issued stamp numbers for all the 2022 releases.
  4. There are stamps in my year set that MICHEL has not assigned a number to, and I can’t find them on Colnect. The stamp obviously exists, since I’m holding them in my hands now. But I have no idea when they came out.
  5. Ukrposhta has completely changed their postal mini-market. I can no longer see every stamp they issued along with the release date. Now I can only see what they have in stock for sale, and I can’t see release dates.

So, even thought I really want to get these pages done, I have a LOT of homework to do here.

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I have been collecting Ukrainian provisional stamps and others that are not in your album pages. Thank you for all you do. Here’s a link to my share. I have copies of your albums there too. I have created pages for over 100 post offices in Ukraine and their respective provisional stamps. I’ve also created pages for Zemstvo issues and Ukrainian underground stamps and sheets which I also collect. There are pages for Nazi and Soviet occupations. Let me know by email what you think.

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