Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album Pages

A Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album Experimental Redesign

This is something I am playing with now. Even if I choose to go this route, I will NEVER abandon the previous design. With PostmasterGS’ excellent tool for Scribus, it’s very easy for me to keep both designs going forever.

Here is what is in the new redesign:

  1. The pages are now the same size as the Scott National Album: 10×1½.
  2. The font is now Lexend across the entire album, using different weights and italics
  3. I moved the descriptions to the back of the previous page, so when the binder lays open, you see the stamps on the right and the descriptions on the left.
  4. There is no border

So, why did I make these changes?

  1. Scott size pages let you hold more stamps, and I really like Scott binders.
  2. I discovered the font Lexend a few weeks ago. It’s specifically designed to help you read better. Tests show people read as much as 20% faster using Lexend. It also helps people with reading disabilities, such as dyslexia. I find the font WAY EASIER to read. I’m using it everywhere now. Check out This website now uses Lexend.
  3. Moving the descriptions to the left helped me make a more balanced stamp layout. It will also allow me to make longer descriptions.
  4. I try to maximize the number of stamps on a page, and the border kept getting in the way on some pages. So, I just removed it. And I liked it.

Now, I know there is a huge barrier to entry here with the page sizes. You need to own a printer that can do 11×17 pages, which is pricey. But that’s’ why I said the old pages will never go away.

So, here is screenshot of what two facing pages look like:

And here is where you can grab this experimental PDF to check it out.

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