Fun With Layers!

PDFs allow you to group things into layers. And if you use the right PDF reader, you can turn layers on and off. And layers that are turned off don’t print.

This leads to some interesting possibilities. You could turn off stamp images to save on toner/ink. You could turn off catalog numbers. You could include layers for different catalog companies. So, you could have a layer for MICHEL, and another layer for Stanley Gibbons, and just turn on the catalog of your choice.

I’m experimenting with this, and I created a PDF that has a separate layer for stamp images and catalog numbers. You just turn those layers off and print the pages out.

The following applications currently support turning layers on and off:

Mac/Windows: Adobe Reader, FoxIT PDF Reader

Mac/Linux: FoxIT PDF Reader, Evince

There may be more apps that support them, but these are the only ones I tried.

If you want to tinker with a layered PDF, here is a sample PDF I made for one of my Ukraine pages:!AtiQqOMmDyztgd8O0OkceKo_NT0Fdg?e=eKPVcp

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