Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album Pages

Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 1992 redone.

So, I decided to redo my 1992 album supplement with the skills I have learned from doing everything up to 2006.  This was pretty a pretty easy distraction, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.  There is NOTHING NEW on the pages and no corrections, just some layout changes.

Two changes:

  • The stamps are now in the order they were issued (as best as I could get it)
  • I did an A4 layout for people outside the US

And, here are the files:

Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 1992 Supplement v. 2 – US Letter PDF:  Ukraine-1992-v2-US

Tryzun Ukrainian Stamp Album 1992 v. 2 – A4 PDF:  Ukraine-1992-v2-A4

Scribus files for you to hack yourself:  Ukriane 1992

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