Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album Pages

Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2008 supplement Available!

Cranked out 2008 this week.  Notable things about it:

  1. US Letter and A4 available
  2. Europa booklet stamp on another sheet for easy removal if you don’t want to collect it (as usual)
  3. Blank pages with the year on them for commemoratives and definitives
  4. The traditional costumes stamps, I have learned, are available as a souvenir sheet AND as regular sheets of se-tenants.  The souvenir sheet stamps are a different variety, since their perf is different.  So this supplement has pages for the three se-tenant pairs as well as the souvenir sheet.  I will be updating older supplements and re-posting them to correct this.
  5. The Ukraine-Sweden stamp:  The sheet contains 8 of the same stamps with a row of labels down the middle.  Each label in the row is unique.  So, you have a stamp on top,  label, and another stamp on the bottom.  Because each label is unique, I wanted to preserve the whole sheet.
  6. The 2008 Definitives have multiple varieties, mostly from microprints from what I gather.  I have all the definitives on one sheet, and types II, III, and IV on another sheet, so remove the sheet if your collecting habits are not that picky.

And on to the files:

A4 PDF: Ukraine-2008-A4

US Letter PDF: Ukraine-2008

Scribus files you can edit yourself:  Ukraine-2008

And a picture of Page 1:

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