Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album Pages

Corrected 2001 Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album Supplement Available.

So, as you may have seen on another post, the traditional costumes stamp has two varieties: a souvenir sheet and 3 se-tenant sheets.

In the 2008 supplement, I made room for both varieties.  Now I need to to go back and correct this in 2001-2007.

So, 2001 is done and ready for download.  If you’ve already printed out 2010 previously, just download this and print pages 10 and 11.

Here is what page 10 looks like:

Since I have to go back and clean all these pages up anyway, I have decided to take some time and make A4 versions of all the pages.  Here are the files:

2001 Supplement US Letter PDF:  Ukraine-2001-US_Letter

2001 Supplement A4 PDF:  Ukraine-2001-A4

Scribus files you can hack yourself:  Ukraine_2001

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