Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album Pages

Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 1992-1993 Kiev Provisional supplement now available!

EDIT:  Updated files with typos fixed.  Please redownload.

First I have to express a HUGE amount of thanks to the Vensa Information Group for allowing me to use their images and descriptions for these pages.  The web page is a very valuable resource for anyone considering collecting Ukrainian postage stamps.

And now onto the pages.  This supplement contains Ukrainian Provisional Stamps issued by the Kiev post office between 1992-1993.  This supplement DOES NOT include any Trident overprint stamps.  That will be coming soon, along with overprints from other parts of the country.

And here are the files:

US Letter PDF:  Kiev-Provisionals – US Letter

A4 PDF:  Kiev-Provisionals – A4

ZIP File containing images and Scribus files:  Kiev-Provisionals

Sample Page:

Kiev-Provisionals - A4-page003

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