Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album Pages

The Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2013 Supplement is Available!

OK, first off, the stamp mount guide is not complete. That will be finished one day. The reason why I did not finish it is because I cheaped out and used a Hawid Glue Pen and the mounts I had on hand to cut mounts for a lot of the miniature sheets.

Also, as mentioned in the previous post, I have made “inksaver” pages. These pages contain NO stamp images.

And here are the files!



And the obligatory scree shot:


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Hi, Andriju! First of all, I wanted to thank you for these pages. I was going to make them myself and was postponing doing them (something else ALWAYS gets in the way!), and so your pages all ready to print out and use are a God-send! I have a few questions, though: What kind of paper do you use? White? Cream? 24-lb, 32-lb, 65-lb, Cardstock? Do you make pageholes on the actual page or do you put them in sheet protectors? That’s about it, I guess… Shcheraz, shchyro diakuyu!

I printed out my pages on white and cream paper, and I think it looks better on white paper, with the Ukrainian flag and map on the top. So I went with white. I originally started out with 32 lb. 100% Cotton bond paper from Southworth, but I wanted something thicker, so I switched to 67 lb. cover stock from Staples.

This is the paper I am using:

I punch holes directly on the pages and just put them in a binder. I also use a corner rounder: ( to round the corner of the pages.

Do we know each other? Your name is very familiar.

I visited Staples for lunch…. I like the cover stock too. Will also get the cutter for the rounded corners. Thanks for that info!

I don’t think we know each other, although I spent a good many years registering kids for Plast Camp at Vovcha Tropa and your name is also familiar. My friend Lada has a close friend Oksana Pastuszak – are you related?

If Oksana Pastuszak is married to Danylo Pastuszak, she is my sister-in-law.

Spent a lot of summers at Vovcha Tropa. The only part of my Ukrainian childhood I loved was Plast.

Bingo! You are the brother of a friend’s friend’s husband! Couldn’t get any closer than that! :)))

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