Community US Stamp Album Pages

The Community US Stamp Album 2003 Supplement

Well, it’s been a VERY long time since I posted any new supplements in the Community Stamp Album. There have been some minor style changes. I will re-doing 2001 and 2002 to match the style of 2003. But I want to get 2004 out the door before I do that.

Most of them are minor:

  1. The spacing of the Name, Date of Issue, Stamp Box, Catalog Number and Description are tighter now.
  2. The top of every page now says the year and the stamp type: commemorative, definitive, semi-postal, airmail, etc.

Other than that, the page border, fonts, stamp border and everything else is the same.

Here is a screenshot of what the pages look like:

I know. I know. You’re looking at the page and saying, “But you said catalog numbers? Where are the catalog numbers?”

Well, I’m not legally allowed to use Scott catalog numbers, and they won’t license them to me. So I have them hidden. If you feel like hacking the Scribus file to turn the catalog numbers back on and then exporting your own PDF, I won’t stop you.

This supplement was a huge PITA to create. I had to use multiple sources to make sure I got every variety of definitive stamps that Scott assigned a major catalog number to. And once I had it done, I found out I missed a bunch. And then I found the USPS released a semi-postal stamp in 2003, so back for another revision.

Then, I had to wait for all the stamp mounts I needed to come in. The mounts for the Eagle definitives slowed me down a week, as I waited for those mounts to arrive.

But now it’s finally done. Feel free to print away.

I made a new Google Drive folder for the Community US Stamp album. It can be found here:


How things look going forward

I looked at 2005 and 2006. In order to hack 2005, I would need to modify 7 pages. And 2006 will require 8 pages. I stopped looking after that. So I think hacking the 21 century is just unsustainable. Hacking a page here or there is not that big a deal. But hacking more than half a supplement is treading dangerously close to some kind of copyright violation.

So, what are my options for Mystic?

I could make my own pages with my own descriptions, in the style of Mystic. I don’t like that option, because I find myself being put in a position where one day I will get a cease and desist letter.

I could leave everyone hanging and just only do Ukraine.

Or I could resurrect an old project.

This is what I will do short term and long term. Short term, I will mount all my 21st century stamps in a Scott Minuteman album. The Minuteman is 90% of what I want, layout-wise. The only issue I have with it is how thin the paper is.

I plan to resume work on the Community US stamp album. I really like what I did there. That is going to be my ultimate solution for 21st century stamps. I don’t know how fast I can turn stuff around. The most annoying thing with designing these pages is the descriptions, and getting all the major Scott catalog numbers of all these definitives with assorted microprint varieties listed. Sadly, the Scott catalog is of little help here.

I had 2003 partially done a while ago. Hopefully, I can get it done in a few weeks.

The other challenge I face is a lack of stamps. 21st century stamps are expensive. You can usually get MOST stamps ok, because they’re a standard size. But there’s always some sheet or se-tenant that’s a goofball size that I need to buy. That slows down work. But, we’ll see how it goes. Conveniently my son works at a stamp collecting store, so I can send an email to the owner and my son comes home with and stamps or mounts that I need.

Well, that’s it for now. Happy 2021 everyone. Hope this year is better than 2020. Stay safe!

Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

Mystic Heirloom 2004 Retrofit Kit

In 2004, I hacked pages 1048 and 1060. On Page 1048, I made the Disney stamps a block of 4, instead of a strip of 4:

On page 1060, I made all the ornament stamps blocks of 4:

As usual, everything is on my Google Drive. Filename is 2004 Retrofit Kit.7z

Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

Mystic Heirloom 2003 Retrofit Kit

This is my first hack since recovering from COVID-19. It’s Sunday, and I’m too tired to do much more than sit in front of a computer. So, you get the benefits of my boredom.

I changed 3 pages in the 2003 stamp pages: 1016, 1028, 1032

On page 1016, I kept all the Old Glory stamps connected:

On page 1028, I kept the Mary Cassatt Paintings as a block of four:

On page 1032, I converted the sheet of Holiday Music Makers stamps as a block of four, and I connected the booklet stamps as a block of four:

Everything is on my Google Drive.

Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

Mystic Heirloom Year 2000 Retrofit Kit

I needed to change two pages in the Mystic Heirloom 2000 pages: Page 897 and Page 923.

On page 897, I took the strip of 4 Youth Team Sports stamps and made them a block of 4:

On page 923, I kept the Flowers Booklet stamp connected:

Both pages are available in one zip file on my Google Drive, called the 2000 Retrofit Kit.

Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

Mystic Heirloom 2019 Supplement Retrofit Kit Revisit

My cactus flowers stamps came in the mail and I decided I didn’t want to mount the whole booklet, just the block of 10. This required a new page.

I added another version of the Page 1544 hack that allows you to mount just the ten block instead of the whole booklet.

New 7-zip file has been uploaded and the old file has been replaced.

Here is what the new page looks like:

Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

Mystic Heirloom 2018 Supplement Retrofit Kit

Hacking the Mystic Heirloom 2018 supplement, only required I change 2 pages:

  1. Page 512 – Frozen Treats. Made sure all the stamps stayed connected.
  2. Page 1530 – Hot Wheels. It was easiest to just moung the whole sheet, rather than try to break it up.

Here are some pictures of what I did:

The pages are available on my Google Drive as one 7zip file called the 2018 Retrofit Kit.

Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

Introducing the Mystic Heirloom 2019 Supplement Retrofit Kit (beta)

I ordered the 2019 Mystic Heirloom Supplement and saw that I only needed to hack 4 pages, and of those 4, two were really optional. So, I had some fun the last few days. Here’s what we have:

  1. Page 1544 – Cactus Flowers. I modified the page to allow you to mount the whole booklet.
  2. Page 1548 – Corals. Both corals are now horizontal strips
  3. Page 1562 – Military Working Dogs. The dogs stay connected
  4. Page 1568 – Spooky Silhouettes. The stamps are a block of 4 now instead of a strip.

Here are some screenshots of the pages:

All files can be downloaded from my Google Drive. The file name for this one is the 2019 Retrofit Kit. These files are considered “beta” because I don’t have all the stamps yet. Please test fit stamps and let me know if the box sizes are OK.

Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

Mystic Heirloom Page 651-657 Hack

In following with what I did for previous 50 stamp se-tenants, I have made the page 651-657 hack. The page has a high resolution 300 DPI scan of the whole Wildflowers page in color, along with a PDF form text box that will let you fill in the location of your 50 sheet se-tenant. The back is duplicate of page 658, so you can use it as a drop in replacement for all 4 pages.

The files can be downloaded from my Google Drive here:

Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album Pages

Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2019 Supplement is Here!

This one took some work. I had it all done. I had my wife proofread it. I printed pages and began to make sure all the stamps fit properly. I had to resize a few blocks. Then I kept mounting. And when all was said and done, all the pages were full, and there was still one stamp sitting on the table, waiting to be mounted. So, back to the computer I go to redesign 5 pages to make one stamp fit. Then I spoke to a stamp collector in Ukraine, and found out there were WAY MORE definitives issued than what and even the MICHEL catalog had listed. So had to go back and do 2 more pages of definitives. But, it’s finally done!

As a side note, I reached out MICHEL and the will be adding the rest of these definitives to their catalog as soon as I get them in the mail from Ukraine and provide them with a high resolution scan of the stamps, so they can see the microprint.

And here is a sample page:

As always, stamp pages are available on my Google Drive.