My 2018 Ukrainian Stamps Finally Arrived from UKRPOSHTA

I guess it’s time to start hacking together my 2018 supplement. Stay tuned.

Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

Mystic Heirloom 2018 Supplement Page 1530-32 Hack

I ordered the Mystic Heirloom 2018 stamp supplement, just to see how much hacking it would need. It appears there are only 2 pages that need modification, and those really are optional, and more for the way I collect stamps.

For the Hot Wheels stamps, I decided I wanted to keep the whole sheet together, even though there are two copies of every stamp, and technically none of them touch each other.

So here is what I came up with this morning:

All downloads for these pages and older ones are on my Google Drive.

Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

Mystic Heirloom Page 665 FIX

Well, not really a fix. More an omission. Same trip to the stamp store, and the owner told me that the Hank Williams stamp had 2 major Scott catalog numbers with 2 different perforation: 10×10 and 11¼x11½.

Since I am collecting all Scott major numbers, I decided to modify the page to include Scott 2723A. The page now looks like this:

As usual, the files are on my Google Drive here:

Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

Mystic Heirloom Page 623 Hack Fix

As I was in my local stamp store today, buying stamps, I found and error on Page 623. The Scott catalog number for the Numismatics stamps was wrong. So, I corrected it.

Files can be found on my Google Drive:

Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

Mystic Heirloom Page 561

In my previous attempt to make sure whole sheet se-tenants are not broken up, I created a page that had a nice high resolution scan of the full sheet with a form fox that allow you to enter the location where you are keeping the sheet.

This is my solution going forward, so I did the same for the North American Wildlife sheet that came out in 1987.

Here is what it looks like:

The 7-zip file can be found on my Google Drive:

Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

Mystic Heirloom Page 613 Hack

Mounting stamps today, I noticed that Page 613 does not have a spot for Scott 2524A, the 13×12 3/4 perf variety of the “F” rose stamp. So, I decided to fix it. Here is what I came up with:

Files can be download from my Google Drive here:

Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

Mystic Heirloom Page 519 Hack Update

One common issue I face when hacking Mystic pages is that I will hack the page to mount one set of se-tenants on the page, but I don’t have all the other stamps for that page.

Such is the case with Page 519. I finally bought the US Express Mail Stamp from the bottom of the page, stuck it in a mount, and it was took big for the stamp block.

So, I redid the page to correct this error.

The new version of Page 519 can be found on my Google Drive at

Community US Stamp Album Pages Uncategorized

Is anyone using the Community 21st Century US Stamp Album Supplement?

I originally did the Community US Stamp album supplement, because hacking Mystic past 2000 was looking to turn into a major undertaking. With the sheer volume of the se-tenants and miniature sheets that USPS produced in the 2000s and 2010s, it would have required hacking a LOT of pages, as many as 50% of pages per supplement. So, I thought it would be a lot easier to make my own pages.

But now I am looking at making 19 years of pages. That’s a whole lot of work to do, especially when trying to crank out a stamp album with page descriptions. The description are blatantly stolen from the US Postal Bulletin. But it is very time consuming to turn around and cut and paste descriptions from the US Postal Bulletin into a spreadsheet.

I get like 90% of what I need from the Scott Minuteman Album. It has descriptions for all commemorative stamps, and se-tenants are almost always displayed the way I intend to collect them. The only thing I don’t like is how thin the paper is.

But I think I can get past that.

If there is anyone besides me that thought that this album was a good idea, and is willing to dedicate some time into helping me cut and paste descriptions into an online spreadsheet, I’d be happy to continue the work. If no one is using the supplement, then I see no real point in continuing the make pages for this supplement.


Life Has Been Busy

It’s been a busy 2018. I’ve actually not hacked together any stamp pages, because I have been busy mounting stamps! I consider this a good thing.

I need to finish updating Ukraine pages, so they all contain MICHEL catalog numbers. I have a few vacation days coming up. Hopefully I can blast through that and move on to other things.

I’d love to get another Community Stamp Album supplement out the door.

As far as I know, there are no more 20th Century Mystic pages that need to be hacked, so that part of page hacking is done. If I missed any pages, please let me know.

Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album Pages

Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album 2003 Supplement Re-released!

I’m slowly working through my old Ukraine supplements to add Michel catalog numbers to them. But time is limited. I got 2003 done this afternoon. Changes:

  • MICHEL Catalog Numbers
  • Stamps are in release order
  • I used Scribus 1.5.4
  • Modified some descriptions to use Ukrainian transliteration

Click here to get to the files