Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

Mystic Heirloom Page 839 Hack

And, here is my second hacked page for the Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album: Page 839.  Page 839 contains 2 se-tenants, one for gospel singers and the other for folk musicians.

Mystic mounts the se-tenants as strips of four.  I own the stamps as blocks of four, and that’s the way most people sell them.  So, your choices are:

  1. Buy strips from Mystic of Gospel Singers and Folk Musicians
  2. Buy Mystic’s Blank Paper and download my page for Mystic Paper here.
  3. Use your own paper and download my page for blank paper here.
Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album Pages

Available Tryzub Ukrainian Album Pages

So, the following years are currently complete for the Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album: 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997.  You can download them all from here:

Mystic Heirloom Stamp Album

The Mystic Heirloom Page 701 Hack

So, I have an issue with Page 701, and it’s the crane se-tenant at the bottom.  I don’t think ANYONE has a vertical pair of that se-tenant.  Well, Mystic sells them, but that’s about it.

So your choices are to either buy the pair from Mystic themselves, which you can do right here, or you can download my hacked page 701 that lets you use your existing horizontal se-tenant.

You can download my hacked pages here:

If you’re using Mystic blank pages please download this version.

If you’re using your own paper, please download this version.